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A number of vitamins can help alleviate the symptom of tinnitus, depending on the reason for the symptom. Vitamins and supplements are perhaps the most effective over the counter tinnitus cure. Those who have tinnitus related to allergies, inner ear problems, Ménière’s Disease, and circulatory or nervous system conditions may benefit the most from taking a vitamin regimen to help supplement the body’s natural store of vitamins and minerals. While vitamins can help tinnitus by replacing or adding to the body’s natural store of vitamins in certain suffers, but it is not a cure for tinnitus.

There is no known cure for tinnitus, but through an open mind, a great support system, and patience for trial and error processes, a good management program can be discovered for most cases of tinnitus. While many treatments focus on “not focusing on tinnitus” so that a normal life can be achieved, vitamins work from the inside out to help calm some of the body processes that might be lending to the severity of a person’s unique version of tinnitus. In this regard, vitamins can make it easier to ignore the sounds by reducing the severity of the symptom.

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Below we discuss some of the vitamins that are most useful in the treatment of tinnitus, but remember that any mineral or vitamin can interact with other medications. They can change the way medicine works and they can cause a negative reaction in the body. If you are already taking a prescription medication or regularly use over the counter medications for a related or unrelated condition, check with a doctor before incorporating vitamins into your daily diet.

If you experience tinnitus as a side effect talk to a doctor or pharmacist about an alternative medicine. Some combinations can make tinnitus worse or cause new symptoms to appear. Vitamins have not been proven to be effective at relieving tinnitus that is caused as a side-effect of another medication. Always remember that it is possible to overdose on vitamins and minerals, which can affect organs, neurological functions, and more. Only take what the doctor recommends and be patient for results. It can take months for signs of tinnitus relief to occur.

Vitamins Can Help Tinnitus in Many Ways

Vitamins work to improve some of the systems that might be related to a person’s tinnitus. For example, there are vitamins that enhance the immune system response to allergies and related sinus symptoms. Part of the sinus system is the Eustachian tube that is attached to each middle ear and can cause tinnitus when it is clogged or drains. Treating (and preventing) this root problem with vitamins can alleviate the symptom of tinnitus.

Likewise if nerve endings or blood flow are the root source for tinnitus, certain vitamins can help with circulation and work to protect the body’s nerves. Some vitamins work on the entire nervous or circulatory system while others are useful in treating circulation in the ear itself. Since it is often impossible to determine the root source for tinnitus, vitamin supplements can offer hope for those who are willing to try anything to get relief. While vitamins may not make tinnitus disappear, the right combination might just make it more tolerable while trying to discover a way to enjoy the silence again.

Combining sympathetic symptoms with tinnitus can offer the best clues about which vitamins might help with tinnitus. For example, some people experience tinnitus and a fullness (or muffling) in the ear and balance issues simultaneously. These are classic symptoms of Ménière’s Disease (which can be diagnosed by a doctor) and other infection related tinnitus problems. The first step is to treat the infection if one is present, but following that it is sometimes a good idea to attack the sources of such tinnitus that follows these types of events. Calcium and potassium are often recommended for people with these symptoms, so discuss these other symptoms with a doctor or nutritionist to see which combination is right (and safe) for you.

Vitamins that Can Help with Tinnitus

B and b-complex vitamins are widely used to treat the symptoms of many medical conditions and are proven effective at alleviate some types of tinnitus. There are many types of b vitamins, so a complete spectrum supplement might be helpful. There are plenty of over the counter tinnitus vitamin supplements that you can try, but make sure your choice is a top-quality brand to avoid any side effects associated with non-quality products. One good choice for tinnitus sufferers is the long standing supplement known as lipoflavonoid (or lipoflavinoid). The Lipoflavonoid (brand name) supplement contains all the necessary b vitamins and some of the others discussed below, taking some of the guess work out of the selection process.

B vitamins that are known to help with some tinnitus include Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, and B-12; also known, respectively, as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin\inositol, pantothenal calcium, pyridoxine, and cyanocobalamin. These vitamins work on the circulatory and nervous systems to increase blood flow and calm frazzled nerves, as well as alleviate ancillary symptoms of tinnitus such as fatigue and sleeplessness.

Folic acid (another b-complex vitamin) can help to stabilize the nervous system and lead to fewer fluctuations in tinnitus. Vitamin B-6 can help sufferers control their emotional response to tinnitus, as well. Pyridoxine (B-6) is known to control the brain cells that control our moods and sleep patterns. B-12 deficiency is often noted in people with severe or chronic tinnitus.

A “flavonoid” compound known as citrus bioflavonoid can help control histamine reactions in the body and may lead to fewer allergy and sinus related bouts of tinnitus. Vitamin C can also help protect from tinnitus by balancing the immune system and protecting against cell damage that can lead to tinnitus.

Deficiencies in the minerals magnesium and zinc can lead to tinnitus as well, so supplements for these minerals may help with tinnitus, even that which caused by loud noises and cell damage. Magnesium deficiency can lead to smaller blood vessels in the ear and cause tinnitus and zinc is a critical nutrient for cochlear function. Antioxidants such as Vitamin E and beta-carotene can also help to prevent membrane damage in the cochlea that might lead to tinnitus, though this is still being studied.

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