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Lipoflavinoid (or lipoflavonoid) is a supplement formula that combines many necessary nutrients into a single supplement to help with a number of medical conditions and has been shown to be useful as a tinnitus cure. The supplement is based on plant-derived flavonoids that are abundantly found in nature and also contains a variety of B complex vitamins and minerals to aid in circulation and protect the nervous system.

Many cases of tinnitus are the result of poor circulation or metabolic conditions that affect blood flow and related processes. Lipoflavonoids have long been employed to replace lost nutrients in individuals with a number of medical conditions, including Ménière’s Disease – a condition which also causes tinnitus. These supplements are widely used to improve inner ear health and immune system response, two of the common problems associated with some forms of tinnitus.

How Lipoflavonoid Supplements Help with Tinnitus

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B-Vitamins make up the largest portion of a good lipoflavonoid supplement for tinnitus sufferers because of how much these vitamins have to do with circulation, cell health, and the nervous system. Some tinnitus sufferers benefit from a hearty B-Vitamin regimen alone, while others benefit most from the comprehensive combination found in lipoflavonoid supplements. Lipoflavonoid supplements also contain other vitamins and nutrients that promote ear health in ways that can minimize tinnitus caused by circulatory and nerve-related conditions.

Tinnitus caused by allergies (Eustachian tube clogging or draining), inner ear infections or imbalances, Ménière’s Disease, and possible nerves in the ear might be alleviated with a lipoflavonoid supplement. (It is not shown to be effective on noise or age-related hearing loss where tinnitus is caused by cell injury or in cases of side-effect tinnitus and other illnesses.)

The original brand, Lipoflavonoid ® supplement was created in the 1960’s by scientists and is still available through a doctor’s prescription and many other similar products are now on the market, as well. However, similar products may not contain as many of the original ingredients or the same quality of ingredients, so take care when choosing a lipoflavonoid supplement. It is not a synthetic supplement, rather a combination of the following vitamins and nutrients that can help with circulation, inner ear problems, Eustachian tube (sinus) problems, and other related health issues that may result in tinnitus.

B-1 (Thiamine) helps to stabilize the nervous system components found in the inner ear.

B-2 (Riboflavin) helps with the stress and tired feelings associated with tinnitus due to loss of sleep, sleep disturbance, and general feelings of being unwell while suffering through tinnitus.

B-3 (Niacin and Inositol Complex) helps with blood flow and assists the nervous system in working properly.

B-5 (Pantothenate or Pantothenal Calcium) helps calm stressed nerve endings in the ears.

B-6 (Pyridoxine) helps with the cells that signal street and fatigue to the brain to alleviate the associated symptoms from chronic tinnitus.

B-12 (Cyanocobalamin) helps to replace the nutrient in the body, though scientists aren’t sure of its relationship to tinnitus. It is widely found that people who suffer chronic tinnitus are B-12 deficient.

Citrus Bioflavonoid helps to control histamine responses in the immune system and may be very beneficial for tinnitus related to sinus congestion and allergies, as well as tinnitus associated with Ménière’s Disease.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) promotes immune system response and can protect the inner ear against cell damage related to DNA changes in the body.

Choline Bitartrate helps with the synthesis of cell membranes and cells in charge of signaling impulses from the hearing organ to the brain.

Warnings about Lipoflavonoids and Tinnitus

Vitamins and minerals are known to inhibit the effectiveness of and interact with other prescription medications, some of which may even be prescribed to help with tinnitus. Special care should be taken if a person is also taking diuretics, medications to control high blood pressure, and a number of prescription or over the counter pain medications (including NSAID pain relievers). There are many other medications that can be affected by vitamin and mineral intake, so consult with a doctor or pharmacist before taking a lipoflavonoid supplement.

In some people, side effects might be a problem. It is not known exactly who might experience side-effects of why some do and others do not. However, there is the potential for tooth stains, stomach bleeding (probably in conjunction with NSAIDs), heart rhythm abnormalities, muscle fatigue, disorientation, and increased urination. Other side effects may be presented and should be discussed with a doctor.

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