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How to stop ringing in ears (tinnitus) has eluded medical scientists and doctors for hundreds of years when there is no known source of the symptom. Note that ringing in ears is a symptom, so it can only be managed and not cured. Ringing in ears is a brain response to a sound that is either happening in the body (the source) or is not happening at all, but the brain thinks it is (another source). The ringing might be subjective (heard only by you) or objective (observable by a doctor).

Objective ringing in ears has better results with this tinnitus cure, mostly because the doctor can usually tell where the sound is coming from and therefore diagnose the underlying problem that is causing the symptom. Subjective ear ringing is much harder to top because the doctor cannot tell right away why you perceive the sound in the first place. There are too many reasons for ringing in ears to definitively diagnose the source without a score of tests and exams and even then, it is often impossible to say what is causing the symptom.

To stop ringing in ears takes much patience and dedication because it can take months to find out if a remedy will work and it can take even longer, sometimes years, to discover what does and does not work. If a doctor can diagnose the cause, the source of the tinnitus can be treated at the root and this might top ringing in the ears. However, when there is no known reason for it, it can be very difficult to make the ringing disappear (many never do). It is important to remember that managing the symptom while trying to find a way to stop the ringing is a good way to start so that you have the patience to keep trying. If it gets out of control, it is harder to stop.

Balancing the System to Stop Ringing in Ears

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In the world of Eastern medicine, this balancing act is known as “yin” which represents blood, hormones, and other agents transferred through the body; and “yang” which represents the way the body processes the things that we consume, uses the “yin” components, and disposes of the leftovers that we do not need. Altogether, yin and yang are part of the overall body system – known in Eastern medicine as qi or chi. Western medicine uses medicine to balance out the body’s chi (system) while Eastern medicine uses herbs and emotional therapy or things like acupuncture to accomplish the same result.

Since tinnitus is often caused by an imbalance in the body, the first way to attack tinnitus is to attempt to balance out the nutrients and hormones in the body. These agents travel through the blood stream and nervous system – both of which pass through the ears. They also pass through the brain where the ringing is really coming from in cases of subjective tinnitus. So, whether you prescribe to Eastern or Western medical philosophies, we all can make use a balancing method to stop ringing in the ears. That means that we have to add things that we need and remove the things that we do not need for good health.

Some of the things we do not need that will help achieve a better balance and stop ringing in the ears are stress, anxiety, and depression. Adding exercise and proper diet can help with this aspect of balancing the system. We also do not need stimulants like caffeine, which can worsen the ringing, if we are eating and exercising properly. Eliminating tobacco, loud noises that might make tinnitus worse and avoiding sugars can also help to stop ringing in ears.

Adding B-complex vitamins, lipoflavonoids, and some minerals to your diet can help to balance the system. B vitamins aid in everything from circulation to nervous system functions and protect brain cells while calming and soothing the body. They can relieve fatigue associated with sleep loss and work in a variety of ways to help stop ringing in the ears. Magnesium and zinc is often found to be lacking in people with chronic tinnitus, so adding these minerals can help stop ringing in the ears for those people.

As with any dietary supplement, if you are already taking a medication or might have another health condition, you should check with a doctor before taking anything new. It is possible to overdose on supplements, so follow dosing recommendations and know how the supplements will affect any other medicines you might be taking.

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