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Experiencing a ringing in one ear may be the result of ear damage or a condition affecting that side of the head. Hearing loss (age-related and noise-related) is a common reason for ringing in one ear, but it can occur as the result of something less permanent such as congestion or a temporary reaction to a loud noise of high-pitched sound.

Ringing in the ear (tinnitus, as it is known in the medical world) can happen for a number of reasons. Nearly all ear related conditions bear the possible symptom of ringing in one or both ears. It is important to remember that tinnitus can be an ongoing condition, but it is really a symptom that occurs because of another problem. Ringing in one ear can be a symptom of sinus congestion and allergies or high blood pressure and other serious diseases. There are medications that cause ringing as a side effect, too. There is a different tinnitus cure for each of these things.

The good news is that most serious diseases that cause tinnitus will cause ringing in both ears. However, there are a couple of conditions that require medical attention that also can produce ringing in one ear and not the other. It can also be a symptom of injury, in which case special care should be taken to avoid aggravating the injury.

Determining the cause of ringing in one ear is an important step in treating the problem. In some cases, the only way to treat the symptom is to “retrain” the ear to ignore the specific sounds of tinnitus. In other cases, solving the root problem can provide relief from ringing.

Since there are so many possible reasons for ringing in one ear, a person should discuss his or her symptoms with a doctor if they suspect that there can be a serious underlying cause. Otherwise, there are home remedies and self therapies that might work, as well as over the counter remedies one can try.

Should You See a Doctor for Ringing in One Ear?

Some ringing in the ear can be regarded as “normal” and cause for little alarm, if any. For example, if a person is front row at a concert and the speaker produces a momentary, but loud, burst of feedback, the person will likely experience ringing in whichever ear was facing the speaker for a short period of time. However, It is also possible to experience ear damage from noises like these, especially if they are high pitched sounds. This type of ringing in one ear doesn’t go away and can lead to hearing loss. A doctor may be able to help.

If a person experiences ringing in one ear that is very loud, causes vertigo (dizziness, loss of balance, nausea), or which gets worse, it might be time to see a doctor about the problem. These symptoms can indicate a more serious problem such as high blood pressure or hypertension, which will usually result in a “pulsing” ringing in one ear. Middle ear infections can also cause this symptom and the person may benefit from an antibiotic or home remedy antibiotic such as a garlic regimen. Middle ear infections are sometimes connected to Ménière’s disease and other infections that need treatment if they are consistently occurring.

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Muscle spasms can cause a “clicking” or “crackling” type of ringing in one ear. Some treatments are available through a doctor if these noises become troublesome or the spasms become painful. TMJ is a joint condition of the jaw which can also be painful and cause “clicking” sounds. A doctor may be able to help with this condition, as well. Although these conditions are not life-threatening, they can be very annoying, painful, and even debilitating in everyday life.

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