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High pitched ringing in the ears is called tinnitus, or tinnitus aurium, can be a symptom of a number of diseases. There are two types of high-pitched ringing – damage to the components that allow us to hear and elevated blood pressure. Most people who experience this type of tinnitus have had ear damage in the past, whether they are aware of it or not.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) that is resulting in tinnitus is a serious condition that needs medical attention and requires lifestyle changes. Damage to the ears may indicate a number of illnesses and may lead to hearing loss later in life, especially if tinnitus is severe.

There are several reasons for high-pitched ringing in the ears other than those caused by blood pressure and they are all related to a special structure inside the middle ear that is known as the “organ of Corti”. This is the membrane where the hearing cells are situated and it is very vulnerable to damage. The hearing cells can become damaged in a variety of ways and eventually, this damage can lead to hearing loss. Damage might be due to the natural aging process, an infection that damages the cells, or a loud noise that damages the cells. You might want to consider a tinnitus cure if that is the case with you.

Age-related hearing loss and loud noises are the primary causes of high pitched ringing in the ears, though some diseases can cause damage to the cells as well. People who are exposed to sudden, loud blasts of sound might experience temporary high-pitched ringing that fades over time. They may also be subjected to permanent damage the results in minor or major hearing loss. High-pitched ringing in the ears can be a result of the hearing loss process, regardless of what initially caused the damage.

How Ear Damage causes High-Pitched Ringing in the Ears

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High-pitched ringing in the ears as a result of hearing loss and damage is a common symptom for those who are aging and those who have been subjected to loud noises in their life. Loud noises have the same impact on the hearing cells that aging has because both result in the damage and death of hearing cells. So, that is a hearing cell and how does it cause ringing in the ears if it’s damaged?

We hear sounds through a complex system of mechanical and electrical processes. Put simple, however, there is a membrane in our inner ear (the organ of Corti) that contains thousands of tiny hairs (stereocilia) and brain cells (neurons). When sound enters the ear, it gets amplified through the ear drum and middle ear so that when it finally gets to the inner ear it is clear and crisp. The stereocilia vibrate when a certain frequency of sound passes through. At the base of the stereocilia is the brain cell that sends a signal to the brain that the frequency just passed by. The brain then interprets that signal and the sound is played for us to hear.

Of course this all happens very quickly and thousands of those stereocilia are vibrating every time we hear someone’s voice, a gunshot, or even a song that comes on the radio. As we age, however, these cells become more fragile and start to damage and die. The same thing can happen with loud sounds – the hairs vibrate really fast and become damages or dislodged.
In either case, damaged and dying brain cells start to “short-circuit” in some ways because they send false signals to the brain. Because stereocilia and the neurons in the ear are each responsible for a specific tone of sound, a high pitched ringing in the ears can result from damage to the receptors that are responsible for that frequency. They send this signal to the brain repeatedly and the result is the high-pitched sound.

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