Tinnitus Cure – Best Tinnitus Treatment Options

Ringing in the ears, a condition known as tinnitus, is a chronic and often irritating condition which many people struggle with on a daily basis. Many people have tried everything but have been unable to find a viable tinnitus cure. Why is a seemingly simple problem so hard to stop?

The problem is not our technology but rather our system for looking at chronic illnesses. Western medicine is simply not very good at treating chronic conditions, as our focus is on treating symptoms rather than the underlying root cause.

This is the same reason why after years of research and the development of new medicines, we have still been unable to find reliable treatments for chronic conditions ranging from arthritis and back pain to depression and anxiety.

As a result, we will be looking at tinnitus treatment options that both individuals have used successfully as well as techniques and procedures used medically. While there are a lot of tinnitus cures out there, we will list the most common and reportedly effective ones below.


An Effective Home Tinnitus Cure?

Out of all the home tinnitus cures that people have tried, the most effective type seems to be nutritional remedies. Sometimes deficits of key compounds cause our nerve endings and receptors not to work properly, which can lead to issues both in the endings falsely firing as well as the brain falsely receiving signals.

There are a few common supplements which you can buy at a local health food which many tinnitus sufferers have anecdotally reported to be very beneficial:

  • Fish Oil (a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Soy Lecithin (a rich source of phosphatidylcholine)
  • Phosphatidylserine

The reason these three supplements have been so effective is that omega-3 fatty acids, phosphatidylcholine, and phosphatidylserine have been so effective at reducing tinnitus symptoms is that these three are deficient in the typical western diet, yet all three are an integral part of the cell membrane.

The cell membrane is the covering of the cell (the body is made up of trillions of cells) and is important not only in containing the contents of the cell but also in signaling with other cells. Without an adequate supply of components, cells are unable to communicate as efficiently. It is not surprising that supplementing with these three inexpensive supplements has been anecdotally successful as a tinnitus cure as well as helping those suffering from a variety of chronic conditions.

For the same reasons, these three (especially fish oil) are great home remedies for acne. Fish oil improves insulin sensitivity, and poor insulin sensitivity is a common acne trigger. Improve your diet with these supplements and watch your skin clear up and your acne improve.

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Tinnitus Cure – Common Medical Treatments

The current range of medical treatments is very limited. Typically the only thing your primary care physician will be able to do for you is check for an ear infection, which may sometimes cause tinnitus. You will want to visit your doctor if your tinnitus is persistent to check for an ear infection. A skilled doctor will be able to tell immediately if this is the case.

Specialists may be able to check for other rare conditions which may lead to tinnitus, such as brain tumors. However, this requires an MRI (or similar scanning technology), which is very expensive and time consuming.

Should no physical reason for tinnitus be found, many medical professionals recommend the “wait and see” approach, that is to wait and see if the tinnitus miraculously improves over time. The reason for this is that should no physical reason for tinnitus be found, there is not that much mainstream medicine can do outside of surgery.

Currently, tinnitus surgery is a highly controversial practice. Much like with back pain, success rates of tinnitus surgeries are very low and often leave the sufferer with worse tinnitus than before. The reason is that your brain adapts to tinnitus, and is used to having it. Even if you cut the nerve that supplies the signal where tinnitus travels along, the brain may artificially recreate that sound.

The brain changing in response to powerful stimuli is known as plasticity. The brain can change over time. While the negative side of plasticity is what makes a good tinnitus cure so hard to find, it also holds the promise of developing very effective, non-invasive tinnitus treatments in the future. However, these are still under development, and may not be ready for mainstream use for another 10 years or longer.

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